Viva La France!

May 15, 2009People We Lerve

My go-to reference for fashion is It is by far the best website for fashion (not because my friend is an editor there) but because it has a confident, fresh voice plus the whole Vogue /  Anna Wintour thing going on behind it. It’s a frothy Vogue. Today’s story on Why Everything French Is Hot Again reminds us that the French have contributed way more to the world cultural stage than French Fries…or as George Bush so eloquently re-named them, Freedom Fries. Frankly, I think France (and I am sure the French would agree with me here) have never fallen out of fashion. Rather the need for media to hype whatever they “think” is the next best thing has caused the focus to shift off the French to alternatives regions such as China, Russia, Brazil and India. In the fashion vernacular, you will never convince me that those regions will ever hold a candle to what France means to style. Say what you want about them, I am sure they are amazing, but chic and sophisticated…not synonymous. Undeniably fabulous…a stretch. Beyond fierce…not the first thing you’d say. Just to be clear, words like amazing, spectacular and breathtaking readily applies to those places. But we are talking fashion here and not the friggen landscape and historic culture and bla bla.

Here’s an example of what these other countries are known for fashion-wise.

What do you think?

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