Kate Moss Is The September Issue

Aug 19, 2011Fashion

This is a long overdue fabulous cover for Vogue. Let's finally embrace the supermodel again. Or else!

Who is more stunning than Kate Moss? Vogue will hit their September issue out of the park with the cover to end all covers shot by Mario Testino. Do you remember in the documentary, The September Issue, with all the fuss about Sienna Miller being featured on the cover? What was that? He hair was styled like a tomato. And what has she done since then? There is no comparison to when a fashion magazine cover features a supermodel rather than an actress-ish. Excuse me, I saw The Help and Emma Stone is cute, but you can all relax. There’s no Oscar on her horizon, that’s for sure.

Congratulations, Anna Wintour. I have been quietly hoping that you would do something like this after I heard that Kate’s wedding was to be featured in-book. Hopefully we can count on supermodels on the cover to be the trend for the year. Heck just use Kate. It works for Oprah.

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