Who Wears Short Shorts?!?

Of course this guy can wear short shorts...and/or nothing. (As featured in The New York Times.)

It was not that long ago, actually last year at this time, that I MEAN…WHAT?!? discovered The Manzie. You know how The Wolfman is part man, part beast? Well, a Manzie* is part man, part nelly beast. It all started quite innocently when I was just finding my mojo as a blogger and noticed that all the spring men’s shows were featuring the nelliest clothes on Earth. “Not that there is anything wrong with it.” But then, the fall collections showed lots and lots of butch realness (pants tucked into boots?) going down the runway. I thought perhaps, that the Manzie might be retried. But no…that can not be. The collections that were featured last year are now in stores and lo and behold…the Manzie rocks the sidewalks.


The New York Times Style features the newest trend, short swimsuits for men and more specifically, my favorite shop, Parke Ronen on Ninth Avenue in New York City.  Now, in regards to the guy featured in The Times, of course he should wear these James Bond swim suits. The Times Style declares that board shorts are out. And I franly beg to differ. The guy in the Gotcha shot above is confident and walking around showing leg, though I am not sure that’s fierce. It’s not bad….it’s just not manly. I know, I sound like a prude, but where is this guy going? To work? Surely he is self employed…and owns a short shorts company. The article makes a few other statements that I think are fotz.

NYT: Sure, we have the long board shorts, but they’re cut very narrow, for the spaghettini, the tall, thin guys with skinny legs. You can’t put them in the short trunks — it looks like a cheerleader skirt.”
ABE: I would imagine that Marc Jacobs and Alan Cumming would beg to differ. They are men of many kilts. And we have accepted them.
NYT: Men are coming to appreciate the virtues of showing some leg. And not just for swim trunks, either: Some fashion designers have shown Bermuda shorts so short, they make you wonder if Bermuda is under 10 feet of water.
ABE: See below.

Yikes...now in stores.

Hey, Lacoste Girl.

This is a man-culotte. If it were a few inches longer, it would still be an acceptable board short.

This is an overveiw of the Gina Lolobrigida Orange that was really popular. Notice the Gina shorts at the bottom and the lovely striped hat to match. Oh, and those mandals. Beyond.

Time Magazine actually showed Manty Hose, what to wear with short shorts. OKIDEER!

For you newcomers….


* A Manzie is not a Dandy, nor is he a Pansy, hence the revised spelling. A Pansy doesn’t necessarily need to dress effeminately in order to be called a Pansy by a bunch of blokes. They just need to have a sisssing “S” in their speech, run with their arms flailing or become cheerleaders. A Dandy, on the other hand, (like my friend Patrick MacDonald) is someone who combines and maintains a look that embraces high-fashion and avant garde, which transcends the current styling trend of “quirky man”, featuring the “quirky man-hat” (click here). In essence, a Manzie can be a straight man trying too hard to be stylish or a “straight-acting gay guy” (the horrendous reverse closet syndrome) that thinks by acting butch, it will compensate for the bad “quirky man-hat” and other Manzie fashion choices.

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