Coachella Barbie: Azealia Banks

Apr 16, 2012Fashion

Is this the next Barbie doll?

Maybe Barbie has all the answers. Perhaps she is the real litmus test for how women will evolve in this next generation. We are so quick to look to celebrities for the answers and often proven that it is not the best way to go. Case in point: Kardashian. Barbie is the better role model for women. She is running for President this year, is always good mannered, multicultural, and now, we have the anti-establishment Barbie in Harlem-based rap artist, Azealia Banks. Her lyrics to Barbie Shit are, “Long weave, lipstick, I be on that Barbie …, pretty in the face but a … look plastic,” which could also be construed as Kardashian. Either way, Azealia Banks was a huge hit this weekend at Coachella, her first official US apearance and if the Mattel peeps are smart, they will corner the anit-Barbie Barbie while cultivating the Ann Romney Barbie as well.



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