Guess Who? Well, Not Lady Gaga For Sure

Mar 29, 2011Fashion

Now does this look like something that Lady Gaga would wear?

Awww, Guess. Come on kids, all together now. Awwww. The staff at the Guess store in Miami were all a Twitter, literally and figuratively when Lady Gaga and her entourage, correction, Lady “look-alike” Gaga went into the store and starting trying on a bunch of outfits. Well, you could have shut Alina Hauptman‘s mouth…or not. Alina, the PR rep for Guess Miami, as in I guess they need one down there, breathlessly sent out a press release about Our Lady of Gaga shopping in the store on her birthday, no less, as screaming fans flocked around her in excitement. “The crowd was getting so out of control that security needed to shut down the store so Lady Gaga could browse . . . [she] purchased the Lucy Lace Skirt.” It just so happens that I found this Lucy Lace Skirt on Ebay for $29.99.

I "guess" Lady Gaga could wear the Lucy Lace Skirt with this top...or not.

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