Longing For Elsa Klensch?

Dec 16, 2011Fashion

Where is Elsa Klensch?

As the winter chill sets in and the holiday movies come charging at the speed of light… hello Oscar hopefuls. One cannot breathe at the sheer number of must-see movies one must see. The race is on for the highly anticipated performances and Oscar worthy direction. Sadly, the movies released prior to the Macy’s Day Parade have become a distant memory. It is not until you see the list of nominees, be it from the Golden Globes or the (desperately trying to be the most relevant) SAG Awards that you remember how great Brad Pitt was in Moneyball or that Woody Allen has finally hit his 1970’s stride with Midnight In Paris. But forget the nominations, let’s focus on what is really important: the backstabbing and maneuvering that is already under way for positioning on the red carpet and all the ancillary madness that is about to ensue.

No one loves red carpet action as much as me and maybe Joan Rivers. There is a heightened sense of urgency about who is wearing what, much of which can be attributed to the evolution the internet. (Present company excluded, OK fine.) It surely has hit a fever pitch though. The Not Best Dressed List was created out of my desperate need to formalize what I have been doing since I was a toddler… oogling dresses and hairdos. But the downside to all this media attention is that we have created the same kind of monsters that exist in the political landscape. Style Mavens are the Pundits and Bloviators of fashion. Style Mavens have become in this decade what fitness trainers became in the 1990’s… a bunch of waiters who wanted another life. Obscure teens with blogs are the new Elsa Klensch and the old Elsa Klensch has gone by way of newspapers. Call me what you want, but I am sad to know that Elsa is less relevant than some Polynesian drag king with an iPad 2.

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