New York Fashion Week: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sep 13, 2011Fashion

Alexander Wang wants his girls to look like they just showered. Effortless is one thing, drowned rat is another.

Forget about the bold prints and new looser silhouettes. The biggest surprise statement out of New York Fashion Week for Spring ’12 is that you do not have to do anything to your hair any more. Nope. The new beauty regime is shower, towel dry, jump into your frock, plop on a bit of under eye cream and off you go. Wet hair is all over the runways. Not sure if the story they are trying to sell us on is “effortless beauty” but whenever I see girls in the morning running to work with their hair wet, I think, “Poor dear, she is hung over, overslept the alarm clock and running late”. That is never a good look.

Everywhere you turned, there was the wet look. And no matter who you are or what you are wearing, this look is best served with just a white towel wrapped around your privates. Period.


Someone tell me I am 100% wrong. Please. Because this look was everywhere.

It was like a House of Horrors coupled with a bad dream. Wet hair everywhere. The drowned rat look has caught on.

When is the Monique Lhuillier girl going to walk around in this hair style? Never.

Seriously, when did the memo go out saying "Wet is the New Black".

I give up.


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