Anatomy of a Lindsay Lohan Hater

Dec 18, 2009Breaking Newzzz
It all started innocently with this image.

It all started innocently with this image. Click here for the recap.

The whole experience of releasing the Muse Magazine images of Lindsay Lohan, shot by Yu Tsai, was an unbelievable experience in understanding the Anatomy of a Lindsay Lohan hater. There were plenty of them, who sent me hateful or angst ridden emails, about  why she should not have done the photo spread, as well as others who blamed me for her career choices. Please note: that 99% of these kooks were linked to me from Fox News. I kid you not. Most of the time I just deleted these comments, and sometimes I responded via the public forum. But the best ones were privately sent to me and I thought that you, my usual intelligent readers, would get a kick out of this particular interaction. Proving the keyboard is mightier than the sword:

L.L. Hater #1: Maybe you should do volunteer work because why do I get this sludge in my junk box any way and why do I give a damn about what LL is doing wit her silly little life. I do not think its worth the non paper it is on so please do not send any more rubbish to me. Think global warming, think poverty, think how your time might be spent telling people abut how the world could be made better not slagging off people who choose to slag themselves off.

IMW: Susan…I don’t know how I missed your email, but I am glad I caught it in time to delete you from my list before any other non-related-to-saving-the-world issues came your way. I do hope that you are someone who has raised millions of dollars for AIDS and women’s cancer organizations, as have I…in addition to being super-conscious about my carbon footprint by riding a bicycle for the past 20 years…and mostly, spreading laughter in the world…which is what my blog is all about. Wishing you a great holiday and all the good karma you require…which, seems like quite a bit. xoxo Abe

L.L. Hater #1: I do my required work for the animals and planet. I just don’t really give a damn about LL and her girlfriends/boyfriends, why don’t you talk about the planet and those issues and maybe we all might get on our bikes and help you in your endeavors, you are such a sad little person, Abe and as for karma boy oh boy have you ever had cancer ? You are not worthy of even this reply silly person that you are. Attacking without knowing full stories of people’s lives, sadness, pain. How old are you? You are not an old soul that’s for sure! BY THE WAY, MY NAME IS NOT SUSAN!!!

IMW: Yikes, Susan…or whatever your name is. Just because you don’t like Lindsay Lohan, don’t take it out on me. And as for who is sad here…think again…a mirror might help you find the answer to that question. To have such anger from the onset of this simple request to be taken off my list…is something you need to take a look at. Anger=festering=no good for your health. And as for my attacking you…yikes again. And back to the mirror for you. I did not, I would not and I can not say the same for you. Again…I wish you much joy…cause honey, you need it….happy happy Susan. Oh, and by the way, you are on my list because either you are a member of the press or have attended my company’s past events. With the attitude you exude…not clear for which reason…but truly glad our story ends here. Ciao. Abe

L.L. Hater #1: Dearest Abe, I would like to wish you and yours a very peaceful, loving, caring for you and yours and our special and precious planet with all the animals and nature a hopeful and loving 2010.
I wish we could spend our energies on promoting good vibes and not negativity….I am not an angry, vicious, negative person, I meditate, I give healing, I care for my beautiful planet and all on it including you. So please Abe, be blessed, healed and loved. Enough now, please, enough! Forever yours, Susan

     It's like these haters neveer saw a nipple before. Clearly your mothers should have breast fed.

It's like these haters never saw a nipple before. Clearly your mothers should have breast fed. Click here to watch the infamous video.

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2 Responses to “Anatomy of a Lindsay Lohan Hater”

  1. ericka says:

    wow. just….wow. i'm a very passionate person, and I love a lively (respectful) debate, but going out of one's way to spread negativity is not ever something I understood. that's just beyond. If you featured someone I didn't care for constantly, well, I just wouldn't visit your site. simple! people need to take a breath and realize it is not worth it for matters such as these. what is being accomplished?

    i also don't get hating or having such venom for some celebrity I have never met. Pointless.

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