Miley Shows Paparazzi Who’s Boss

Mar 9, 2011Breaking Newzzz

The video shows that Miley Cyrus has had just about enough crap from everyone, especially the paparazzi. I say, you go, girl. Look at the comments that people have for Miley Cyrus who sticks up for her mom at this recent quagmire. She is dynamic and everyone else can just buzz off.


Would everyone just leave Miley Cyrus alone? She is forever getting trashed in the media about how she lives her life. Yoo, hoo. She is having the time of her life away from those needy parents of hers. She’s my new Lindsay Lohan….sans legal trouble…so far. Yesterday a bunch of “racy” photos surfaced on the internet from Miley’s night out with the girls of fun and frolic. Naturally the commentary that goes with it suggests that Miley’s fan base will not approve. All I can say is that her fan base better move on. She sure has. Given the choice, I’d be a Miley Cyrus any day over, let’s say, a Hadley Nagel.

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