Reincarnation: Are You Up For It?

Aug 28, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Reincarnation: Timing is everything.

There is a fascinating article in today’s The New York Times Style about reincarnation. I guess reincarnation is a style issue. Questions raised are: What to wear in your next life? Or better yet, What did I wear in my last life that I can correct in this one? The article begins with a psychiatrist, Dr. Paul DeBell who believes he was a caveman, and that, “I was going along, going along, going along, and I got eaten”. Oy. Now if that were me, for the sake of this Style piece, I would have said, “I was going along, going along, going along in this sumptuous boar-skin, one shoulder mini-dress.” He also believes he that he was a conscientious German who refused to betray his Jewish neighbors in the Holocaust. Beyond admirable, no doubt. But I would have said, “I was a Sally Bowles look-alike, with green nails, black lingerie slip dresses and furs, who fell madly in love with the Jewish bandleader of the Cabaret (old chum) and valiantly ran off with him to live in the woods”.

A Sailor Jerry to the naked eye...but in fact, it is an emblazoned foreshadow of my next life.

All kidding aside, I have been a firm believer in reincarnation for the simple fact that there is no way that this is it. This incarnation…my life…fun and all…coupled with years of insecurities and poverty…could not be what God had in mind as an overall experience for my core being. I have followed my spirit for many, many years and know that it moves me through processes, journeys, and is my ultimate decision maker. It is stronger than my mind and body and will surely live beyond I Mean…What?!? Notice that picture above? Emblazoned on my left forearm is a picture of a bosomy blond, a Holly Madison or Pam Anderson look-a-like. This is who I will be reincarnated as in my next life. Are you kidding? Those looks and my mind? What a dynamic combination. The world will be at my fingertips. The real question is…if you knew that your next life will be amazing…does one off oneself from their current one?

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