Cher, Madonna, Abe, Lindsay…I Get It

Mar 26, 2011People We Lerve

One name wonders of the world unite!

The news that Lindsay Lohan dropped her last name to go by her first name only, is a move that I thoroughly support. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Abe, and I, too, go by my first name only. My business card says Abe and my company’s name is Abe. In fact, I don’t think anyone knows my last name. I sure don’t. It’s sort of like Just Jack, in that I am a gay man, but unlike Just Jack, I am a real person, which makes me more like Cher and Madonna. Since childhood, I have gone by my first name only. No one has ever confused me with another Abe, because there were no other Abes on Earth. Most of the Abes perished in the Holocaust, and whatever few were left, were working in the garment center as pattern makers.

Since Lindsay Lohan has been so knee deep in legal woes and her weirdly stupid father, Michael Lohan, seems to want to hog that spotlight by getting his ass thrown in jail at every turn. So Lindsay does not want to be guilty by association. I completely get it and support her decision 100 percent. Let’s face it, when you turn on the news and hear that Lindsay is in trouble again, you know exactly who they are talking about. Actually, I am surprised that it took her this long to change her name legally. She could have be going by just Lindsay since that first DUI. It is not like you would have mistaken her for Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman), or Lindsay Crouse (The Verdict) or Lindsay Price (Lipstick Jungle) for that matter, because none of those Lindsays matter, for that matter.

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