Worst Celebrity Influence Award?

Jan 27, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Does everyone want Miley Cyrus to stay trapped in her Hannah Montana nightmare?

Just when you thought there could be no more meaningless awards shows a.k.a. the People’s Choice Awards, comes the lamest one yet. AOL has created an award called the Worst Celebrity Influence Award, the voters being a bunch of 10-15 year olds. Like I would care what a bunch of clueless tangerines have to say about anything. These are the kids who are probably hopped up on Ritalin and zoom around from dance class to soccer practice to whatever other after-school nonsense. The W.C.I. Award went to Miley Cyrus. That is in and of itself is the reason to ignore this award because as far as I am concerned, Miley is more than entitled to live her life as she pleases and not according to a bunch of kids who otherwise watch shows like Teen Mom on MTV. In a recent poll, Amber Portwood came in last behind Miley, Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West and Demi Lovato. Excuse me, so these 10-15 year olds think better of a teen mom out of wedlock, who was arrested for pussy whipping her baby daddy in front of her 2 year-old? Rather than the others I just mentioned who have successfully crafted careers and sure may not be model citizens…but WHO CARES!

Amber Portwood from Teen Mom fared better than Miley Cyrus...okideer.

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  1. Betty says:

    Nope. The award for worst celebrity influence goes to Jenny McCarthy for pulling off one of the biggest frauds ever. Gee, I wonder if I say I cured myself of cancer and then write a best seller, but later find out I never had cancer what I would do to handle this well, major problem…mmmm Well, in case you haven’t heard. Jenny McCarthy’s son never had autism. He has Landau Kleffner Syndrome. Ooops…looks like she’s going to have to do a lot of diversionary tactics to distance herself from this major blunder. One has to wonder how long she knew…..it’s a scary thought to think publishers are this moronic and reckless. Didn’t they do a background check on her before they published such manipulative lies? Jenny is quite smart, by the way and must have some very savvy agents. They knew Evan turned out not to be really autistic, but kept putting it out as if he were.

    If you look at Jenny’s background with her son you’ll see a very very interesting picture. One quite chilling actually, perhaps one of the biggest frauds ever to infiltrate the autism community. She recruited several professionals to make her claims seem real and authentic. She also used the anti-vaccine movement to fuel her fame while faking her child’s autism. She also manipulated weak doctors who thought they too would gain a few bucks and fame by joining McCarthy. She then did what any smart Hollywood fraud celebrity does, she started spinning. As in doing so many things in so many different directions that it would take focus off her false claims of her child’s autism cure. It’s easy to cure something that never was. Jenny knows this. So do her agents. And publishers. They don’t want to lose money or have her reputation ruined. Too bad jenny, it is. You’re a fraud and you need to be exposed. I hope you feel bad because you should. You act like autism is just all fun and games and it is this easy thing to cure and oh wow, let’s write another book and I’ll talk about my boobs and how I like sex. How disgusting. Just pathetic. Embarrasing to watch or listen to you jenny. A disgrace to a subject that is very SERIOUS. Autism is no joke. You Ms. McCarthy are a total joke and you will be exposed for your greed, fraud and lies about your son being autistic. Get the hell out of the autism community you total fraud. Focus on your son’s laundau kleffner syndrome you selfish b.

    Jenny first told the world her son was an Indigo child. Then he had seizures. And was brought by ambulance to hospital where they gave him a boatload of ativan and other seizure controlling medications. He then started taking seizures meds. Daily. Notice she RARELY speaks of his seizures. I guess she figured autism label would be a better marketing tool, and she was right.

    As Evan’s seizures came under control, so did his “regression” that she blamed on autism radically improve. Of course she never talks about that fact. After all, how can she after she moved quicker than a volcano into the autism community and started writing books and hitting talk shows and doing magazine and talk show interviews. All within several months of her son’s alleged “cure” from the alleged “autism” she told us he had.

    Nope. He had laundau kleffner syndrome. And she has YET to admit this and tell the public her son does not nor ever had true autism. Meanwhile, she keeps her distance from this subject and is now jumping full swing into a diversionary tactic away from those few years of her obsessive diatribe against vaccines and telling the world she cured her son of autism. That alone should raise some serious red flags for investigative reporters.

    Jenny is a fraud. She knows her son was misdiagnosed. To cover her ass, she has recruited “doctors” to splash the covers of her books, as if that gives her credibility. Nice tactic. Very obvious, but a good try. She has seriously pissed off many in the autism community. She has made a mockery of true, real autism. She needs to be investigated and exposed in a book asap. This woman is just nuts. Her poor son. He is obviously still having episodic seizures which is common with landau kleffner. Jenny, it’s time you came clean. Stop printing your fake books about your son’s fake autism. Enough of this charade. You can’t hide from this reality by writing another book and parading around in a new sexy suit for the photographers to capture, as if this will all distance you from the pathetic and fraudulent case you made of your son’s alleged autsim and his cure. You didn’t cure your precious son Jenny. He was never autistic. Be happy he wasn’t. Quit insulting thousands of parents who live with REAL autistic kids. Investigative reporters you’re in for a big story with this one…but McCarthy’s clever. She’s moving fast to cover herself with so many appearances and new books and new buisness adventures she thinks this will protect her from scrutiny coming. Go after the story. It’s huge. An investigative piece that will uncover a lot more about mccarthy;s lies about her son's autism….

  2. Beautiful !! THank you for you sharing.

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