What Do These Folks Have In Common?

What do Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller have in common? The fact that they are common.

Aww, Jon and Hailey in happier times at Thanksgiving. Seems like yesterday.

Longtime nobody Hailey Glassman has figured her way back into the media glare and boy, must she be in pig heaven. Well, if the shoe fits. We now have a story that she ransacked Jon Gosselin‘s, (the other pig in this story) New York City apartment, leaving a threatening note at the end of a knife. Ooooh….chills. The antics that these two (remember, water seeks its own level) gross baboons have been up to since they first made the scene together leaves little to the imagination. Everything they ever did was with the intention to get attention. Well, now they are having the best holidays since Thanksgiving.

Perhaps Hailey was in this condition when she ransacked the apartment and has no recollection.

The real victim in our story is the innocent Ming Vase, destroyed as part of the collateral damage, along with this clothes, rugs, curtains and bedsheets. Excuse me, but what was a Ming vase doing in the possession of Jon Gosselin? This is the real mystery here, though I am not sure if a Ming Vase can only be 100 years old. Sure a lovely piece of Chinese porcelain of that age can be valuable. But wouldn’t Ming refer to the Ming Dynasty circa 1375-ish? Just trying to get to the bottom of this who-done-it”.

These two are having a nice holiday. Yikes.

Speaking of who-done-it, I am still not clear on who-whooped-who on that fateful Christmas morning at the Sheen ranch in Aspen. Did Brooke Mueller go after Charlie Sheen or vice-versa? We are getting conflicting reports. This one is not talking to the media, nor is that one saying a word. What we all have heard is that Brooke attacked him and he hit her in self-defense. And in  another report, he took a knife to her throat. Soon we’ll hear that they slept like angels with visions of sugar plums dancing over their heads through Christmas and this was all a bad dream, and they will wake up in their multi-million dollar home in Los Angeles like nothing happened. Either way, can we acknowledge that these two love birds are as common as the aforementioned ones?

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