Postcards From Hurricane Irene

Aug 27, 2011People We Lerve

I Got One Of Those Postcards.

The media has caused such a frenzy around Hurricane Irene, that it actually has me thinking twice about my initial plan to stay home with my dogs, read a book and watch Postcards From The Edge. The movie is part of the boxed set of Meryl Streep’s Greatest Hits, which was in the gift bag of the American Film Institute Honors Meryl Streep. This is as good a time as any to crack open the box, and perhaps even crack open a bottle of rosé. My idea of battening down the hatch is cozying up to old movies, stocking up on potato chips and ice cream.

Then I watched the news and thought, maybe I should not brave this storm alone, not that Woodstock and Alfie couldn’t protect me from Mother Nature. What if even half of what they predict comes true? I could end up like the Gary Sinise character in the movie, The Stand by Stephen King searching the streets for other survivors. NOTE: That book was much better than the film, which is not the case with Postcards From The Edge. Carrie Fisher has been in New York promoting her latest project, Losing 50 Pounds. So, what would be the better plan:

  1. Me, alone, getting fat watching Postcards From The Edge
  2. Going uptown, bunking out with Carrie at the Essex House, where I can say, I Got One Of Those Postcards.


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