Bankers and Brokers and Yuppies…OH MY!!!

Feb 25, 2009Fashion

Be Afraid. Be very afraid. Because these people here (I use the term loosely), these “bankers” are at the core of our country’s financial problems. But it’s not just them. They share the blame with these other friggen clowns, the Wall Street “stock brokers”. Just look at these buffoons. This is no way for a self-respecting adult to spend their day. Screaming and carrying on with no sense of decorum or sophistication. And screaming and yelling about money? I mean…what?!?  Is this how horribly they were raised, that they need to spend their waking, working hours screaming into the air, fists clenched in anger? Is this the by-product of Suburbia? It’s these putz-bags that are the ills of our society. It’s all about the blessed buck. And now, one by one, as they fall from grace from their ivory towers, they are finding out that this is not so. That the world is not about what you have but who you are and how you treat others. All others I might add, rich, poor, black, Indian. Not just the others stuck in your tiny, limited cages filled with money-  grubbers and scammers.

And how’s about these animals? These are the top auto makers in all their clueless-ness. How about a round of applause for these pricks? Look at their mouths. All tight lipped like baboons. See what I mean? Anyway, rather than go on and on about how horrible all these people are, let me just step out of this Yuppie muck and lead us back to a cheerier tone.

Though there is darkness before the dawn, my message today is not about the doom and gloom of our economy. I’ll leave that up to Women’s Wear Daily. More importantly, I’d like to remind you that we’ve been here before. Just because “Yuppies” have permeated the air like in the late 70’s and 80’s, is no reason to fret. On the contrary. Anyone that lived and survived New York City during that time knows that there was no place on Earth with as much excitement. And to this day, people envy us who lived through it. There was Studio 54 and Area and the Mudd Club with an underground art movement that bustled and burgeoned like nobody’s business. It was an era that called for individuality and freedom of expression. Clubbing became a sport. The New York fashion scene erupted. There was sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll and disco. Fashion photography and sensuality became synonymous.

Sex sells…remember?  Looking fierce and different became a badge of honor. I, for one, intend to live my life exactly as I did then. Not by going out every night and partying, but by maintaining my sense of individuality in spirit. And to take pride knowing that I never settled for the Yuppie life, not then and surely not now. I mean look at the people in this photo from Studio 54. This was an average night out. Who do we have now that comes close to the hipness quotient of Halston or Andy or Bianca? Who? Lauren Conrad? Ryan McGinley? Zac Posen? Please! I could vomit at the suggestion. This era spawned greatness, or shall I say fabulous-ness. It was the counter revolution of the Yuppies that gave people like me the incentive to rise up and be fierce. And I suggest to all of you to look deep into your soul and find that kernel of grooviness and pursue it. Go buy  pair of snakeskin cowboy boots, or a bolero jacket or an interesting hat. Wear it with pride. Commit to looking nothing like the Yuppies pictured above. Tear up your Barney’s Warehouse Sale suits and run to Trash and Vaudeville or Screaming Mimi’s and suit up in vintage anything. Gay men, lose the whole “bear” thing and recapture that svelte Marlboro Man look. (I really don’t know how that slipped away.) Girls, go buy some shoulder pads and stick them in your sweaters and channel Norma Kamali. And tease your hair! Kids…what are you waiting for? This is THE moment. Today is the day you can change the direction of your life. Voting for Obama was step one. Now it’s time to take your own individual stance to move in the direction that makes you happy. If not now, when? If not today, why not? This is the time to be a Master of Conviction. Embrace your inner ferociousness. The new dawn is here.


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