Australia + Fashion = Sobbing

Aug 26, 2010Fashion

Australia Fashion Week, or Rosemount-Sydney Fashion Festival or some such nonsensical title is under way. And I mean way down under way. So under that if you skip it…you’ll be better off. Of course we love Colette Dinnigan and Sass & Bide…but the rest of those people…yikes. There really isn’t much to say because action and these visuals speak louder than words. What I do know is that if it ain’t New York, Paris, London, Milan and MAYBE Tokyo…but not even…then all these other Fashion Weeks can fade into the sunset. I know…it generates industry…yada yada…so leave the PR to your homeland. To quote my favorite television character ever from The Comeback, “I don’t need to see that”.

Where are you wearing this get up to? Nowhere fast perhaps?

This is like Holly Golightly...the down market version.

Knock out??? NOT!

This is all sorts of hideous.

Nice combination...I Mean...

Vegas showgirl meets muted nonsense with boots? Help.

Even Sass and Bide can make a misstep as shown here. The styling sucks.

This is beyond ridic. It's like Putamayo for pregnant, blind people.

This is one wrinkled schmatta that no one needs, except maybe a steamer. And the hair...oy.

Rue-la-la the day that anyone wants this unflattering...thing.

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