Jennifer Aniston: Next Steps

Aug 25, 2010Breaking Newzzz

We know...your body can you put on a layer?

The papers are trashing Jennifer Aniston for her newest bomb The Switch, which you could have seen coming a mile away by the premise alone. Who walks around with the sperm intended for the hoo-ha. Your biological time clock is ticking…what’s with the celebration before the fact? Hurry up girl…shove it in. Here’s how the casting of this role went down.


CAA AGENT: Here, Jen, do this movie, it’s called The Switch.
JENNIFER: Who is the director?
CAA AGENT: (Thinking to himself) Who does she think she is…Bette Davis?
JENNIFER: Is it yet another comedy?
CAA AGENT: It’s the two guys Josh Gordon and Will Speck. They’re hilarious.
JENNIFER: But a comedy? I didn’t hear so much as one chuckle when I sat in the back of a theater for The Bounty Hunter.
CAA AGENT: Well… (Beat) Don’t you want to make ten million dollars?
JENNIFER: Of course I want ten million dollars, but can’t we find a better way? Can’t I play a hooker with a heart of gold who gets beaten and saves children in Darfur? I want to know what it is like to have the word Oscar remotely near my name.
CAA AGENT: (Thinking to himself) Angelina get all those roles, girl.

And on another note: might I suggest that Jen put on some clothes, too. Yes, your body rocks. We know, we know. There isn’t a bus shelter in New York City that doesn’t have the Smart Water ads plastered on them showing your cooch. And there isn’t a red carpet event when her entire leg and everything above the nipple is exposed. Might I introduce you to the concept of over exposure…which includes images from campaigns as well as your lovely sun-kissed, toned shoulders. Jennifer is gunning for the title of “the new Goldie Hawn” who, too, has never so much has seen a shrug.

Good thing Jennifer is launching her new fragrance, LOLAVIE, which she describes as “a non-perfume perfume.” Exactly what is a non-perfume perfume? Air? Water? A waste of space? Nonsense? I vote for the two latter descriptions. Let’s start with the name…LOLAVIE. Ms. Aniston refused to say what it means besides, “It’s a long story and honestly it’s too personal to tell”, then added, “But it has special significance.” Us Weekly suggested Lolavie means “laughing at life”, which can also be interpreted as “laughing all the way to the bank”. Since Jennifer is a comedian, maybe it’s an inside joke. But the joke is on whoever buys into this campaign, or any other celebrity fragrance for that matter. I get wanting to look like your favorite star, but the whole smell like thing is just odd.

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4 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Next Steps”

  1. What I think is interesting is she's selling bottled water and isn't she an environmentalist? Maybe I've got it wrong…

  2. Ericka says:

    I do not understand the popularity of Aniston. She's not that talented or pretty. The tabs love her, so I suppose that's helpful. She keeps having box office bombs, but who are the studio execs who keep paying her? Idiots.

    She was forced to change the name of her perfume, thank God, but now it's just 'Jenifer Aniston'. I can't imagine being in a state of mind not only to want my own perfume, but to name it after myself! (and if I ever am, I give you permission to slap me.)

  3. What I think is interesting is she’s selling bottled water and isn’t she an environmentalist? Maybe I’ve got it wrong…

  4. I love you Jennifer Aniston. I have all series of friends i watch it every night and every day you are so cool i love you

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