Sears? Really?

Sep 5, 2010Fashion


Somebody please hold me up, I am dizzy from having just watched the Sears promotional video on fall footwear trend news. Sears and trend in the same sentence is a stretch. And this is proof of the downside to online video content that is contributing to the bastardization of fashion. There I was, innocently perusing Perez Hilton, he who has sold out to anyone that will pay him a dime, and lo and behold, was the commercial for Sears, staring Elle magazine stylist Francesca Mills. Here’s another downside to online original video content, literally everyone and their cousin thinks they have what it takes to be a presenter. OK, I am guilty as well. Watch any of my IMW-TV interviews to prove my guilt, but at least I am just tormenting people I know. Besides, you don’t HAVE to watch it. The way Perez has it set up, there is no choice, to watch the Vintage Vampire Bill commercial that has been unearthed, the Sears commercial is part of the experience. Stupefied, I watched and listened to Francesca as she actually says, “For the latest on every major trend, check into” Really? Every single trend that hit the runways of Paris, New York and Milan? Because, if you ask me…though I’ll admit I have not been inside a Sears since the Maytag Repair Man arrived on the scene…Sears is not be the first place that high school girls beg their moms to take them for Back-To-School fashion wardrobes. Let’s just focus on the four “major” trends of this particular video clip, shall we?

The slouch boot: Looks like Naugahyde, frozen in the slouch position. Not soft, nor really slouchy.

Preppy: OK… everyone is putting a heel on an American classic shoe, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Tory Burch, but when describing this heeled Wallabee, Francesca says these would look great with leggings. They would? Talk about pairing your on trend shoe with something not on trend. Help.

Clogs: With metalics? First of all metalics and and chunky heel does not compute. Francesca claims this is her favorite “To wear with Bohemian style dresses and mini skirts with blouses”. And I say, “Because we know how many metalics there are in the Bohemian style dresses”. While wondering, “Beside blouses, what else to wear with a mini skirt?”

Hardware: Not sure why this boot is called hardware…or is it like a statement on girls that are “hard” would “ware” these? Notice the name of the boot style. A twist on Rihanna. That’s hard alright. Ms. Mills refers to these as edgy. Whereas to me, they look cheap.

Anyhoo…my trend statement for today is, “Avoid Sears and most other middle American, downmarket, mass-market, dumping grounds for your fall fashion trends.”

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2 Responses to “Sears? Really?”

  1. Ericka says:

    I bought one wearable item in Sears once. A pair of biker boots, believe it or not. But that was 12 years ago, so now they are categorized as 'vintage', not from Sears. :) And people still compliment me on them. Despite this, I am not willing to risk another Sears purchase. Outside of an appliance, of course.

  2. Veruschka says:

    Hmm….clogs should not exist in this world. Most ugly shoes ever. And so heavy. There's a Sears near where I live and I was there about 2 months ago and it was pretty bare. Nothing on-trend. Most shoes are awful. I don't know why Elle signed up for this. Hey, dont' forget stylist Lucy Sikes did that TJ MAxx commercial. All there is in TJ Maxx is last years hand-me downs. Although, I am not one to walk around with my noise in the air. Our air conditioners are from Sears. :)Those shoes look like they will last about a week.

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