That Spritz Of Bieber

Oct 26, 2010Fashion

Justin Bieber set to launch the first lesbian fragrance for tweens.

Clearly that well documented photo shoot between Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian for Elle magazine had a lasting impression on the impressionable Justin Bieber. His camp has announced the creation of Eau De Toilette Justin Bieber. Toilette being the operative word. Well, if you think about it, a fragrance for lesbians marketed to tweens is borderline genius. Anyone who is anyone knows about my ongoing issue with celebrity fragrances and why it irks me to no end. The fact remains that the egos of these entertainers has gotten so out of control, that it cheapens their act altogether. Not that Justin’s act could get any cheaper, considering he is pandering to a tweeny, nubile, screaming audience…and lesbians with similar hairdos. Justin’s foray into ancillary products kicked off with a nail polish so these kids will think of him every time they pick their noses. Let’s face it, celebrities presume that we want to smell like them. Ah, for that fresh Jennifer Aniston schtoonk. Yikes, like you want to smell like a 90’s television actress whose movies don’t do well at the box office. Fotz. It just seems like Camp Justin has run a muck with his marketability and convinced him that whoring himself out to the nth power is the way to save the planet. Which all makes me think me think of Willow Smith. ‘Cause you know, girl, there’s a fragrance in them there hills. And then, Willow and Justin will be making dating noise in minutes.

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