Charlize Theron Jeans?!? Help!

Mar 11, 2013Fashion
Well, I guess Charlie Theron hair accessories was a no go.

Well, I guess Charlie Theron hair accessories was a no go.

Ooh…La La..Charlize.
Nothing comes between me and my Therons?

Move over Sasson, Calvin Klein, Mr. Levi and Mr. Strauss ’cause there is a new denim brand on the horizon and Charlize Theron has her hot, little, Oscar-winning, paw prints all over it. Word is that Ms. Theron is planning to launch a denim line in cahoots with her stylist Leslie Fremar, surely to help raise money for her very important AIDS-related charity work in South Africa, though that info was not included in the hot press tip.

So, let me get this straight, with all the many denim companies around, no one wanted to just cut a deal with Charlize and donate proceeds to her charity hence, eliminate another SKU, another ridiculous celebrity fashion bridge line…as in I have a bridge to sell you if you think this nonsense will last. I am an old timer who believes an Academy Award puts someone in a league of their own as opposed to a viable schmatta peddler. But what do I know?

Yes, you too can be photographed wearing Theron Jeans with a Matthew McConaughey shirt accessorized with an I Mean What?!? trucker hat.

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